T1 – How To Display Your Outlook Tasks

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Having a long unordered list of things to do has been proved to cause some people to adapt a sort of ‘action paralysis’ where they see a huge workload in front of them so go and do something else instead.  Now, whether you just want to get organised or are planning to use Outlook as your CRM system it’s important to only look at the tasks you’re going to do in the immediate future, say in the coming week.  This video reveals how you can achieve this by displaying your tasks in a certain way

To set up the view first go to ‘View’ on the ribbon and down to ‘View Settings’.  A new display panel will appear, first select columns.  To add the fields find them from the list on the left select them and then click add or simply by double clicking.  You need to add the fields in the following order. 

Icon, Priority, Attachment, Task Subject and Due Date. 

You can reorder the fields by dragging and dropping the field into the appropriate place.  To remove any unwanted fields remaining on the left hand side simply select them and click remove.  When you are happy press ‘Ok’

Next go to ‘Group by’.  When the new screen opens if the box at the top is ticked then untick it, this will ungroup the tasks.  Then on the first ‘Group Items by’ drop down select ‘Categories’.  Make sure it is grouped in ‘Ascending order’ and then press ‘Ok’

Finally click on ‘sort’ in the ‘Sort items by’ drop down select ‘Priority’ and make sure it is in ‘descending’ order, underneath that in the ‘Then by’ drop down select ‘due date’ and make sure it isi n ‘ascending’ order before selecting ‘Ok’ and ‘Ok’ again.

Your task list should now look like this, separated by categories.  If it doesn’t then you will have to organise your categories, to help you with this watch our instructional video entitled “Setting up your Outlook categories”